Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Taking Stock

I found this list on another blog the other and thought it might nice to see where "I'm at" at this point in my life. 

Making : A new blog post..because this place is sadly neglected.
Cooking : Tonight we're making Baked Chicken Parm--sans bread crumbs (healthy here we come!).
Drinking : Room temperature water and wishing it was Route 44 Root beer (my fave).
Reading: Emails at work (oops!)
Wanting: Some outdoor cushions for the pallet bench the hubs made for me.
Looking: Forward to some fried Oreos at the BBQ festival in town this weekend (our splurge treat!).
Wasting: Vegetables...always the vegetables.
Sewing: Nothing...but I have two projects half finished.
Wishing: To be with family--my family, his family, just family.
Enjoying: The cooler weather that lets us sit on the front porch without melting.
Waiting: For the holidays--we live so far from family and I ache to be near all of them.
Liking: That a very sweet baby came home yesterday.
Wondering: What God has in store for us in the next year.
Loving: People in my life who make me smile.
Hoping: We will get ahead one of these days...
Marveling: At the beauty of the place where we live...I will miss parts of it when we leave someday.
Needing: To lay on the bed with my Momma and have a deliciously long talk.
Smelling: Something rank in the office fridge--whoever left that container needs to get on it. Stat.
Wearing: My new faux leather skirt with snakeskin pumps. Feeling sassy.
Following: Too many shows on the internet--I can't keep up with them anymore!
Noticing: Girl's starting to wear leggings as pants again. Cover your bums please.
Knowing: Somehow, it's all going to turn out fine. We never see it until it's over--God is so good.
Thinking: That I spend far too much time thinking instead of doing.
Feeling: Joyful that my sister is coming early--Happy Birthday love!
Bookmarking: Return of the King. Almost done. 
Opening: A textbook to finish out this 8-week course for grad school.
Giggling: At the most adorable corgi playing with a little green ball.
Feeling: Overwhelmed. We have had a lot of heartache and struggles lately, but we're pushing through.

The days are getting shorter and I can almost taste the holidays coming. I'm excited to get back to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and Texas for Christmas--husband and I have really taken stock about what is important to us and family is at the top. Thinking about seeing them again almost makes my heart stop. We are so blessed to have the support system that we do and this time of year just makes me feel even more grateful.

Have you taken stock lately? What is important to you?

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