Monday, March 31, 2014


Wow. I can't believe that Spring Break has come and gone already. There was so much build up for that week off and all of sudden it's been spent! We had a great time though, and due to my laziness/dealing with a sick sister I don't have pictures yet from our trip.

We knew it a nightmare was coming, but nothing could have prepared us for that rush-hour Atlanta traffic. Lucky for us, we avoided it most of the time and only had two scary almost incidents that took my breath away. Let's just say that I'm glad the hubs was driving and that he is a much more patient driver than I am. I know it's wrong, but the bird would've been flying if I'd been the pilot!!!

Let me tell you, The Varsity was everything we wanted it to be. The counter seemed to be a mile long, but thankfully we came on a Monday at 1:00pm so it wasn't too busy. They really do ask, "What'll ya have!" I had a delicious chili-cheese dog with fries and hubs had a hamburger and onion rings. Oh. Em. Gee. Those rings were the tastiest I've ever had--the breading on the outside is excellent--crispy and not too salty with a really rich flavor.

The zoo turned out to be fairly mediocre. We've been to zoos in several states now, so I'll admit our standards are bit higher than most. The sun was warm and shining for the first time in forever so most of the animals were snoozing during our visit. It was enjoyable, but they definitely need a facelift!

Georgia Aquarium was incredible. This was Joshua's first visit and my second, but it did not disappoint. They added a Dolphin show since the last time I was there and it was breathtaking. Sure, it was cheesy and written for children, but I'm softy and I teared up multiple times. I also enjoyed the Beluga whales as they played and swam against the glass. Josh's favorite part was the giant tank with the Whale Sharks. We both sat on the floor in front of the glass with the rest of the children and just stared in wonder.

 Upon return, we started the process of packing--although my heart sings for the chance to organize, packing is a whole other story. I hate boxing up my life and deciding what needs to be used now and what can be tucked away. We've managed 7 boxes so far, sadly it's all from the "crap" room where half the stuff was in boxes anyway.

The icing on the cake for the week though was the return of my baby sister. She went on a mission trip to NY with her social club and several students came back with food poisoning. I had to witness my poor baby sister sitting on the steps of the bus with her hands on the glass, tears falling down her little cheeks. She hasn't been this sick at school before and I'm really thankful we were around when she needed us. This was my first experience with a "sick child" and it was so worrisome. I didn't sleep at all--not even when she slept. I just laid in the bed waiting for the sound of the door opening so I could rush to the bathroom and make sure she was ok. Thankfully, we made it through and everyone is recovering nicely.

I'll try to get pictures up as soon as I can but it's going to a struggle to weed out my favorite ones!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ready for Spring Break

We Made It!!!!

Thank goodness 4:30 Friday afternoon rolled around because I didn't think I was going to make it. The week before a holiday holds so much anticipation that waiting can be unbearable. Losing Millie made the first part of the week really rough coupled with all of the phone calls and visitors in the office I was beyond ready for the "Final Countdown."

This spring break is going to be awesome because we're heading to Atlanta to see the zoo and the aquarium. We're also hoping to visit the world famous Varsity Drive-in downtown and I can't wait to get my hands on their Orange Drink! Hopefully I won't take a hundred years to post pictures from the trip!

We finally had the most gorgeous weather today and we took full advantage by taking a walk around campus. I only wish it would hang on for spring break but it looks like we might get some more winter weather. On the bright side, we picked out our outfits for easter and just like last year, I ended up with two dresses...They outnumber everything else in my closet for sure--I might have a problem...

Top it all off with Greek-style turkey burgers, Reese's eggs, and 27 Dresses and we've got the perfect weekend!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Time to Go"

Last night I received some sad news about my families' dog. Our sweet Milliegirl's kidney's were failing and there was nothing else the vet could do to help her. My parents had to make the decision to let sweet Millie go where all dog's go when they pass.

We can't say that we were surprised; ever since Maxx went she just hasn't been the same and he was second pal to go ahead of her. Before Maxx, we had another dachshund named Goliath. He had cancer when Millie was very young and he had to be put down when I was in college. Before he died, she was very high-strung and hyper playful. After Goliath passed, she became very calm and motherly towards Maxx. After we found out he had inoperable tumors and had to go, she just kind of shut down. She couldn't run like she used to and her hips would give out a lot because her legs couldn't hold up her body. At the end, she wouldn't come out of her kennel and that's when we found out her kidney's were failing.

It's all so heartbreaking. I remember when we first got our dogs and they were so crazy and all over the place that I wished we didn't have them. I wanted it to be quiet and I was tired of pouring water and food in their bowls. And fighting for a spot on the couch.

But now it's just so hard to imagine coming home to my parents house and there won't be any wagging tails waiting for me. No more Milliemoo thinking she's a lapdog and taking up half the chair. I wish I knew what I could give to see her running across the front yard again--full speed, knocking Maxx over in the leaves.

She was my favorite; kindred spirits we were. Sweet when it counts with something of a mean streak. I'll miss you Moomoo and I hope you're waiting for me in Heaven!

Monday, March 17, 2014

My sister made a sweet little movie with some of the pictures she took for us out at Chickasaw State Park. She even used the song we walked down the aisle to when our wedding ceremony was over! LOVE IT!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Getting Dressed

As much as I loves clothes, sometimes I really despise getting dressed. So many times, I feel like I'm dressing for other people rather than myself and it makes me take pause. Sadly, I covet that all-too-familiar phrase, "You look so cute today" and it drives me keep making up outfits to please others. Trends come and go and I hate that I still get sucked in with the masses. I am at an age where I should be coming into my own sense of style; my identity should be partially evident in the clothing I choose but it's not. I am all. over. the. place. Honestly, to some extent, that does describe my current mental state; I have no idea what happens after we leave this place we've called home, I don't know if I'm walking the right career path, and I also want to start a family. One day I'm cheerful, youthful, and bright. The next, it's black dresses, chunky sweaters, and boots. Is it bad that I can't make up my mind when it comes to a "style?" Should I even be worried about this in my later 20's?

If were brutally truthful here, I'd stay in my pajamas all day. With a bun. Unless someone had to see me, then it's mascara and faux leather all the way.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Foward

Cool, dark mornings and sleepy eyes wary for the day ahead. 
Warm, bright evenings squeezing in one.last. thing. before the sun sets. 

I curse the morning we lose that important hour of sleep. Somehow it throws off my entire day, but I'm thankful because it means summer is coming. Summer will be beautiful for us this year as we'll be spending it at our home away from home. Preparations for our move are beginning to manifest and planning for camp is well on its way. I would be lying if there wasn't some worry and apprehension about our not-to-distant future, but on the whole I am feeling hopeful that every piece will fall into place. Life will never be perfect, but I certainly think it will improve and I know God has more in store for us than just getting by. Springtime always lifts my spirits--I swear the sun really does a body some good! Going for a drive with the windows down clears my head and the anxiety's melt away. 

Bring on the summer. I'll catch up on sleep later.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Hometown

Some people are really ashamed of where they come from. They say things like "I can't wait to get outta this town" or "I know there's somewhere better out there." When I was in high school, I felt the same way. I told my sweet mother, who has lived in the same town her entire life, that I would never live there when I grew up. It was just too small and too country for me. Since then, I've had a change of heart. 

It's funny how much your home can pull you back when you've been away for awhile. Growing up, I thought my life would be different. I was convinced I'd be "discovered" and would be a major Hollywood actress living in LA. Not even close. I'm an administrative assistant at a University in Tennessee. And it's beautiful here--especially in the fall. 

But I have a longing. My heart has been tugging, ever so gently, towards Texas for the last year. I miss my family and friends, I miss the hot summers and mild winters, and I even miss the sound of the train on the tracks behind my parents house. I miss the park with the crazy ducks that chase you around until you surrender your sandwich. I miss Chicken Express. I miss the feeling that wherever I go in town, there is probably someone there that knows me and loves me. I miss summer nights when we'd buy a Sonic Blast and it would melt to perfection when you leave the windows down. I miss Friday Night Football and the chill in the stands in October. I miss my Momma, my Daddy, my Meemaw and Papaw. They're all there, waiting. 

Soon, I'll be heading back to my hometown. And I couldn't think of a better place to be. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

About Me

These Two Hearts began in May of 2013 as a way to chronicle each beautiful/heartbreaking/magical/learning moment in the life of myself and my husband Joshua. This is a home for my thoughts, my dreams, my fears and a place to find my voice. There will be highs and lows for sure, but each day the Lord gives us is precious and I want to remember each and everyone that is special to me. 

Some random facts:

I was born and raised in the Great State of Texas
I lived in the same house from the age of 5 until my wedding day in 2011.
My husband has lived in California, Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania and currently Tennessee.
We love to go on mini-vacations on the weekends
My Strawberry-Blonde hair is all natural and I share it with my Papaw, Momma, and two sisters.
I went to Harding University and have a BA in English Education.
I can eat a Chipotle Burrito like nobody's business.
I write a Fashion/Lifestyle article for my sister's web mag String of Pearls.
I love to sew and maybe one day I'll have my own brand.
I am continually amazed at God's Blessings in my life.

*Any inquiries can be made to:

Glorious Snow Day

10 P.M. the text came. Snow Day. Celebrate. Dancing to the news in our PJ's and socks. No setting of alarms to wake us before we are ready. Rolling over in warm blankets because we have no where to be. A day with no responsibility. Popcorn was made. Movies were watched. Pizza ordered. A Glorious Day indeed.