Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weekend Waco Exploring!!!!

This weekend the weather was gorgeous here in Waco so the hubs and I decided to spend most of our free time outdoors. We explored the parks around the Brazos River, walked downtown, and made our way to the zoo just off the river. I was pleasantly surprised at how much there is to do downtown and I can't wait to visit the places we walked by!

 photo WP_20141107_001.jpg
 photo WP_20141108_014.jpg photo WP_20141108_017.jpg
 photo WP_20141108_040.jpg
 photo WP_20141108_041.jpg
 photo WP_20141108_042.jpg photo WP_20141108_029.jpg
 photo WP_20141108_027.jpg photo WP_20141108_044.jpg
 photo WP_20141108_048.jpg
 photo WP_20141108_049.jpg
 photo WP_20141108_051.jpg
 photo WP_20141108_052.jpg
 photo WP_20141108_055.jpg
 photo WP_20141108_058.jpg

 photo WP_20141109_020.jpg
 photo WP_20141108_056.jpg