Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day Trip to Salado!

I've been so busy with my grad class and preparing for camp, that we haven't had a chance to really get out of the house and go somewhere together. This past weekend the weather was gorgeous and in the 70's so I decided to put off working for one day and hit the road. We headed down south to Salado--it's a little bitty town with a lot of charm. We were actually expecting it to be bigger than it was based on their t.v. commercials, but the weather was great and the people were sweet so we had a great time. photo WP_20150214_014.jpg

 photo WP_20150214_013.jpg
 photo 8a362e98-a9db-4a29-a9c4-6c4ebcd82f9d.jpg
 photo WP_20150214_003.jpg
 photo fea7e798-4f67-4e1e-8a02-6462e1ba3df0.jpg

 photo WP_20150214_018.jpg

 photo WP_20150214_017.jpg
 photo WP_20150214_019.jpg

Not bad for a low-key Valentine's Day--and I got this excellent bottle of Parmesan Garlic Olive Oil. Best Valentine's present ever!!!!