Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Times Are Changing

Well, we've made it once again. The end of the school year has come to a close and all is quiet on the western front--meaning the students are mostly gone and the professors have taken off for the summer season. They are beginning construction on the lobby outside my office and there is the sweet sound of beeping equipment. All. Day. It's a lovely way to spend the last two weeks of my time here in Tennessee. But I digress....here are a few photos of the happenings in the Decker Household. They include: pizza night with Joshua's student workers, a photo from Si and Jep Robertson, and our final Graduation(until my sister finishes up). Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Parents are Coming!

Yes my friends it's true! As I type, my sweet parents are driving up I-30 headed this way from Texas! I don't know if you can tell, but I adore my parents--yes, we've had our squabbles in the past(still do) but I wouldn't trade them for any other parents in the whole world. My daddy worked/works so hard to provide for his family--even now he works as a full-time firefighter and owns a boot repair shop to help us all pay for and pay off college. I know he misses having lots of time off but my dad has never shied away from work. I admire him so much for all that he's done for us and although he doesn't say much, I know he loves us more than anything.

My Momma--she is my other best friend. There is no one in this world quite like her. She is funny, warm, loving, super creative. She's incredible. Growing up a lot of kids do stupid things and swear they will never tell their momma. I can't tell you how many times I said the same thing but you know what, I always told her. You just can't lie to that face--it's too sweet and kind. Don't let it fool you though--she is a tough Momma too. She didn't let us get away with anything and everything. My mom always got compliments about how well-behaved we were. She taught us how to act like a lady in public and let loose at home! I know I can always turn to her whenever I'm in trouble and I am so blessed that God put her and my dad into my life!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Mud Island Memphis Part 2

Look! Just what you wanted--more pictures of our trip to Memphis!

Can you believe these cute trolleys?! Only a $1 to ride downtown!

Sometimes Memphis gets a bad wrap for being rough, but the part of downtown we explored was great! I love the mix of old and new and there were so many restaurants! Can you believe the tree lined streets--gorgeous!
Even dogs get a snazzy parking lot! Check out that sparkle tie....

Beale Street is closed to regular traffic so you can merrily explore--drink in hand if you are so inclined.

Prince Albert in a Can. Classic. Sadly, the hubs had never heard that joke before...

What a sport--I made him put this on whilst refusing to wear the matching Hot Dog hat. We all have our limits....

What you don't see here is the creepy "Fortune Teller" head in the box office window. Bad Fortunes for all!

A. Schwab's is the oldest store in Memphis and it boasts trinkets, collectibles, memorabilia, and even an old fashioned soda shop!
This one is for Joshua's sister--Do you think that cat is guarding the door?

I'm glad we were able to take one last trip to Memphis before we leave Tennessee. After leaving Downtown, we headed to our favorite bbq place--Central BBQ for a fine bbq bologna sandwich and some mac-n-cheese. We rounded out the day with Spiderman 2 and were back in plenty of time for my staff volleyball game. I really do love these day trips and I can't wait to show the hubby all around my home state when we get to Texas!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mud Island Memphis Part One

Yesterday we had a rare day off so the hubs and I trekked off to Memphis for a little daytime adventure! We ended up at a place called Mud Island across from Downtown--it tells the history of the Mississippi River and is an almost complete replica of the real thing. We Epic-ally crossed through Illinois all the way to the Gulf of Mexio on our "excellent journey." (Yes, that's a Bill and Ted reference)
No Memphis pictures are complete without the Pyramid.
My sexy husband--what a looker!

Tromping through Interstate 40--He felt like Godzilla!
A river within a river withing a river....Inception Much?
Walking through the Gulf of Mexico....


When I feel like modeling...

Mud Island was a fun little spot to walk around. I will admit it could use some work--it's been around for quite some time without any real updates but the weather was warm and sunny and it made for nice change of pace. I'll post some more pictures tomorrow of our stroll through Downtown!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Dueling Toothbrushes

There's an unspoken war when the paste is running low.
Who will give in and toss it, Heaven only knows.
"Not I' says Wife pinching from the top.
"Nor I" declares Husband, squeezing one last drop.
Until one day, Wife settles the score.
Out it goes and the war is no more.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What an inspiring quote and call to arms. I actually took a few minutes to research Erma Bombeck because I had never heard of her before. She was quite a woman and I highly suggest checking her out! From her brief biography on Wikipedia, you can tell she lived up to this statement. In the past three years, I have felt very much like I've been under using my talents. There are so many things that I am fairly proficient in but I have chosen instead to while away my time in front of the television or roaming about facebook for hours. Even when there's nothing new happening. One of my biggest fears in my life is to have been useless. To have so many possibilities for my life and not choosing any of them. That is my life at this moment. I don't hate my job, but I am certainly not using any talents to accomplish my work. The phone rings, I answer it, I transfer the call to someone else. It's all very thrilling. I know I'm better than this; I used sew clothes for goodness sake! Now I couldn't tell you the last time I drew a sketch or sewed a stitch.

But I'm not just talking about my creative self, I also mean my spiritual self. When it comes to my faith and beliefs, I tend to be shy. Even with other believers I stay in the cocoon of my personal relationship with God. One of my biggest problems is the fear of being wrong so I am all but crippled when someone asks me a question about the Bible. I'm not ignorant by any means, I've been reading the Word for a very long time. There just seems to be a disconnect between what I have in my head and heart and what my mouth wants to say.

After we leave Tennessee and make a fresh start I want to start over with my talents. I want to make a promise to myself that I will try new things again. I will make things; I will stretch myself and find my way back to my happy, creative self. I will spend more time in the Bible and more time sharing it with others. I pray that at the end of my life, I too will be talentless. :)