Friday, October 25, 2013

High Five for Friday!

It's finally Friday ya'll--so grateful! I know a lot of blogger's like to do some sort of Friday Five list and I'm always down for remembering my blessings(plus, as a new blogger I don't always know what to talk about) so here goes nothing:

1. Cheese and Crackers--Lame, I know but I'm eating them right for my morning snack and they sure are good. You can throw cheese on just about anything and I'll eat it. I <3 dairy.

2. Intro to Christianity for Grad Students--We had our first class meeting last night, and as a life-long Christian I can honestly say I learned a lot. This class is going to be so good for my faith and making it stronger from the bottom up!

3. My sweet, giving mother for this Facebook post*:
getting boxes together to send hopefully to get busy

*That means we're getting Halloween candy. Sweet.

4. Husbands who make pizza. Hubs made the cheesiest, most tasty pizza ever for us this week.

5. Going to Harding. There are three places I call home: Texas, Camp Wamava, and Harding. It's been far too long and I'm ready to see some old faces again! "It's Great to be at Harding!"

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