Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Everyone...needs a nap!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday our friend comes through the door of our office to greet us. This friend is in her early 20's and she is developmentally delayed. She does basic tasks like sweeping, vacuuming, and cleaning the windows. She is always a bright spot in our day because she is so good at complaining. Her favorite thing to say is, "I need a nap" and "When is it Friday?" I think we all appreciate it because she always says exactly what we're all thinking but try not to say. I love her frankness and how much she loves to gives compliments. She absolutely adores everyone and won't shy away from telling you that she loves you. Her ornery streak is apparent when she comes in every five minutes to talk instead of finishing the chores on her list and let's out a huge sigh when you ask her what she's supposed to be doing. Despite the interruption she brings, her presence is never quite filled when she is gone. The other day she told me: "I am Cool, I am Powerful, I am Confident! And everyone at FHU.....needs a nap!" So true.

I will miss my friend when I go back to Texas--what a treasure!

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