Thursday, April 17, 2014

Taking Stock

Making : Lists of all the things that must. get. done.
Cooking : Leaner Sloppy Joe's with ground turkey instead of beef. Tone It Up represent!
Drinking : Water. Always water.
Reading : Speak Love by Annie F. Downs--learning to use my words more positively. Especially words towards myself.
Wanting : To eat ALL of the candy and snacks my mom sent us in our Easter "basket." That woman is incredible.
Looking: At all of the blogs I follow on bloglovin. Such talented ladies out there.
Playing: With my nails--I'm obsessed with my cuticles and keeping them in order. 
Wasting: Time. I just can't seem to get myself to use it better. So. many. projects.
Sewing: Sadly, nothing. *See directly above.
Wishing: Summer would get here--Wamava here I come!
Enjoying: Almond butter--sweet and nutty, I love it more than PB but don't tell my husband!
Waiting: For 5:00. It's 67 degrees, sunny and a good day for a walk around the campus.
Liking: All of the shoes and bags on sale at Sole Society. Regrettably, no extra moolah for said shoes.
Wondering: If the boys in the office will answer the messages today.
Loving: My husband. Like a lot. Anniversaries always make me giddy with love!
Hoping: We'll find solid jobs when we get back to Texas after camp. 
Marveling: At the change in seasons--God keeps us on our toes for sure. It's a nice metaphor for not getting too comfortable with any situation...adaptability is key!
Needing: To know the plans for our Saturday trip to Nashville--we finally get to see Kris and Lauryn again! Yay!
Smelling: My almond butter. And Lysol wipes. Yikes.
Wearing: A summery top I got last year from Old Navy. And long hair that I'm still considering chopping off.
Following: The conversation trailing off down the hallway. Put my desk out in the open and I will hear things.
Noticing: Pain in my knee that occurs when I sit too long. Getting older.
Knowing: That aging takes courage. Am I ready to face the battle?
Thinking: About all of my to-do lists, the boxes piling up, and what the future will hold.
Feeling: Bored at this particular moment but in general: nervous/excited/terrified/hopeful
Bookmarking: All the things!!! 
Opening: The chips that came in the package my mom sent. Sour cream and cheddar--my fave!
Giggling: With my co-workers--everything has been hilarious today. Is there something in the air?
Feeling: How much I will miss the people I've come to love here--I wouldn't trade today for anything...

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  1. Such a great post! Right to the point! So sweet your mom sent you a package with your favorite chips!