Thursday, May 1, 2014

What an inspiring quote and call to arms. I actually took a few minutes to research Erma Bombeck because I had never heard of her before. She was quite a woman and I highly suggest checking her out! From her brief biography on Wikipedia, you can tell she lived up to this statement. In the past three years, I have felt very much like I've been under using my talents. There are so many things that I am fairly proficient in but I have chosen instead to while away my time in front of the television or roaming about facebook for hours. Even when there's nothing new happening. One of my biggest fears in my life is to have been useless. To have so many possibilities for my life and not choosing any of them. That is my life at this moment. I don't hate my job, but I am certainly not using any talents to accomplish my work. The phone rings, I answer it, I transfer the call to someone else. It's all very thrilling. I know I'm better than this; I used sew clothes for goodness sake! Now I couldn't tell you the last time I drew a sketch or sewed a stitch.

But I'm not just talking about my creative self, I also mean my spiritual self. When it comes to my faith and beliefs, I tend to be shy. Even with other believers I stay in the cocoon of my personal relationship with God. One of my biggest problems is the fear of being wrong so I am all but crippled when someone asks me a question about the Bible. I'm not ignorant by any means, I've been reading the Word for a very long time. There just seems to be a disconnect between what I have in my head and heart and what my mouth wants to say.

After we leave Tennessee and make a fresh start I want to start over with my talents. I want to make a promise to myself that I will try new things again. I will make things; I will stretch myself and find my way back to my happy, creative self. I will spend more time in the Bible and more time sharing it with others. I pray that at the end of my life, I too will be talentless. :)

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