Monday, July 29, 2013

And So it Begins...

Well, it's happened.

I have been accepted into the graduate program for school counseling. I am terrified. I have been talking about doing this for a couple of months now, but somehow I never thought it would really happen. I am actually starting college again.

This is a picture of me and the hubs on the day I graduated with my Bachelor's back in the '09. We weren't even engaged yet! I originally intended to start grad school right away, but life gets in the way and a few regrets later and now here I am--finally. Everyone told me when I started college, that there would be plenty of jobs for teachers when I got out. Sadly, the recession happened and a number of people who lost their jobs decided to go into teaching. It's been a madhouse trying to get a teaching job--something I still haven't succeeded in. I've worked in schools ever since I graduated, but no teaching jobs ever came out of it. I'm hoping that my Master's will not only give me an edge, but also finally put me in the career I belong in.

I am praying that I can remember my old study habits and not completely screw this up. I have No Idea what grad school will be like--my advisor actually made the program out to be fairly simple. I'm not sure if that should comfort me or terrify me. Knowing who I am, I will worry the devil out of it and then it will all turn out fine. If all goes well, I'll be wearing new robes and I'll get a fancy stole to boot!

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