Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Playing Hookie!!!!

Do you ever have those days when you just need to leave work and do something fun? Well, today was one of those days for us. We agreed to leave work at 12 and head out to see Monsters University--you see, the hubs and I still haven't quite grown up yet so we still see lots of kids films. The only bad part? We were the only people in the theatre without children--except for the teenage boys that wouldn't sit next to each other--now that was entertaining.

You just can't beat a good Disney/Pixar team up and we loved it! Did any of you realize that its CHEAPER to get the big giant combo than to get two small drinks and a small popcorn? Like three dollars cheaper. Bleh. We were supposed to be 'good' and do the smalls but my cheapskate heart gave in and we got the big stuff. My stomach is now thanking me for that terrible decision.

After the movies we headed to good ole Wal-mart to get some supplies for a Care Package for the counselors back at camp. We acquired the following:

Glow bracelets
Water guns
Herbal tea
Homemade cookies
Colored pens
Flarp(aka The Original Fart "Machine")

Hopefully they like it and it will give them a little pick-me-up for the last three weeks. We remember how tiring it can be when the campers get older--they don't give you the same loving push that the young ones do. Counselors are the best and this particular set is really amazing.

We love movies, we love cookies, and we love Camp Wamava. Tomorrow is Wednesday--let's make it great!

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