Sunday, July 14, 2013

Surprise Date!

Joshua's many methods for gaining the elusive 'hole in one.'

Creepiest 'barn' potential ghost hangout ever.
My gorgeous man!
Proof--Hole In One! (on hole 17)
Tallying the scores...a narrow victory for the wifester!

After the post-depression camp set in, Joshua wanted to give me something to look forward to so he planned a 'surprise' date. He picked three restaurants and three activities and had me pick numbers so that he would know where we were going and I wouldn't. We had an amazing dinner at Coyote Blues where I had vegetarian enchiladas in the yummiest cream sauce; hubs had some tacos.

Next up was mini golf! I'm telling you, this was the saddest mini golf ever seen. All 18 holes were basically laid out on the same flat land--you could see all of it from the first hole! We still had a great time though dancing through every hole(hence my golf handle) and let me tell you, one of those holes took me 30 tries to get it in...thankfully, I have a husband that thinks 30 is really 10.

Last, but not least, Despicable Me 2. Let me tell you, we LOVED it! I'm pretty sure we laughed more than the first Despicable Me and the ending had me wishing I could clap for joy(which I didn't because no one wants to be that girl.

So blessed to have a man in my life that knows when I need to be cheered up and takes the time to plan a fun date I'll love. We love finding new date ideas so if anybody out there reads this and has some suggestions, leave a comment below!

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