Tuesday, March 4, 2014

About Me

These Two Hearts began in May of 2013 as a way to chronicle each beautiful/heartbreaking/magical/learning moment in the life of myself and my husband Joshua. This is a home for my thoughts, my dreams, my fears and a place to find my voice. There will be highs and lows for sure, but each day the Lord gives us is precious and I want to remember each and everyone that is special to me. 

Some random facts:

I was born and raised in the Great State of Texas
I lived in the same house from the age of 5 until my wedding day in 2011.
My husband has lived in California, Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania and currently Tennessee.
We love to go on mini-vacations on the weekends
My Strawberry-Blonde hair is all natural and I share it with my Papaw, Momma, and two sisters.
I went to Harding University and have a BA in English Education.
I can eat a Chipotle Burrito like nobody's business.
I write a Fashion/Lifestyle article for my sister's web mag String of Pearls.
I love to sew and maybe one day I'll have my own brand.
I am continually amazed at God's Blessings in my life.

*Any inquiries can be made to: thesetwoheartsblog@gmail.com

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