Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Foward

Cool, dark mornings and sleepy eyes wary for the day ahead. 
Warm, bright evenings squeezing in one.last. thing. before the sun sets. 

I curse the morning we lose that important hour of sleep. Somehow it throws off my entire day, but I'm thankful because it means summer is coming. Summer will be beautiful for us this year as we'll be spending it at our home away from home. Preparations for our move are beginning to manifest and planning for camp is well on its way. I would be lying if there wasn't some worry and apprehension about our not-to-distant future, but on the whole I am feeling hopeful that every piece will fall into place. Life will never be perfect, but I certainly think it will improve and I know God has more in store for us than just getting by. Springtime always lifts my spirits--I swear the sun really does a body some good! Going for a drive with the windows down clears my head and the anxiety's melt away. 

Bring on the summer. I'll catch up on sleep later.

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