Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Time to Go"

Last night I received some sad news about my families' dog. Our sweet Milliegirl's kidney's were failing and there was nothing else the vet could do to help her. My parents had to make the decision to let sweet Millie go where all dog's go when they pass.

We can't say that we were surprised; ever since Maxx went she just hasn't been the same and he was second pal to go ahead of her. Before Maxx, we had another dachshund named Goliath. He had cancer when Millie was very young and he had to be put down when I was in college. Before he died, she was very high-strung and hyper playful. After Goliath passed, she became very calm and motherly towards Maxx. After we found out he had inoperable tumors and had to go, she just kind of shut down. She couldn't run like she used to and her hips would give out a lot because her legs couldn't hold up her body. At the end, she wouldn't come out of her kennel and that's when we found out her kidney's were failing.

It's all so heartbreaking. I remember when we first got our dogs and they were so crazy and all over the place that I wished we didn't have them. I wanted it to be quiet and I was tired of pouring water and food in their bowls. And fighting for a spot on the couch.

But now it's just so hard to imagine coming home to my parents house and there won't be any wagging tails waiting for me. No more Milliemoo thinking she's a lapdog and taking up half the chair. I wish I knew what I could give to see her running across the front yard again--full speed, knocking Maxx over in the leaves.

She was my favorite; kindred spirits we were. Sweet when it counts with something of a mean streak. I'll miss you Moomoo and I hope you're waiting for me in Heaven!

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