Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mud Island Memphis Part One

Yesterday we had a rare day off so the hubs and I trekked off to Memphis for a little daytime adventure! We ended up at a place called Mud Island across from Downtown--it tells the history of the Mississippi River and is an almost complete replica of the real thing. We Epic-ally crossed through Illinois all the way to the Gulf of Mexio on our "excellent journey." (Yes, that's a Bill and Ted reference)
No Memphis pictures are complete without the Pyramid.
My sexy husband--what a looker!

Tromping through Interstate 40--He felt like Godzilla!
A river within a river withing a river....Inception Much?
Walking through the Gulf of Mexico....


When I feel like modeling...

Mud Island was a fun little spot to walk around. I will admit it could use some work--it's been around for quite some time without any real updates but the weather was warm and sunny and it made for nice change of pace. I'll post some more pictures tomorrow of our stroll through Downtown!

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