Friday, May 9, 2014

Mud Island Memphis Part 2

Look! Just what you wanted--more pictures of our trip to Memphis!

Can you believe these cute trolleys?! Only a $1 to ride downtown!

Sometimes Memphis gets a bad wrap for being rough, but the part of downtown we explored was great! I love the mix of old and new and there were so many restaurants! Can you believe the tree lined streets--gorgeous!
Even dogs get a snazzy parking lot! Check out that sparkle tie....

Beale Street is closed to regular traffic so you can merrily explore--drink in hand if you are so inclined.

Prince Albert in a Can. Classic. Sadly, the hubs had never heard that joke before...

What a sport--I made him put this on whilst refusing to wear the matching Hot Dog hat. We all have our limits....

What you don't see here is the creepy "Fortune Teller" head in the box office window. Bad Fortunes for all!

A. Schwab's is the oldest store in Memphis and it boasts trinkets, collectibles, memorabilia, and even an old fashioned soda shop!
This one is for Joshua's sister--Do you think that cat is guarding the door?

I'm glad we were able to take one last trip to Memphis before we leave Tennessee. After leaving Downtown, we headed to our favorite bbq place--Central BBQ for a fine bbq bologna sandwich and some mac-n-cheese. We rounded out the day with Spiderman 2 and were back in plenty of time for my staff volleyball game. I really do love these day trips and I can't wait to show the hubby all around my home state when we get to Texas!

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