Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Parents are Coming!

Yes my friends it's true! As I type, my sweet parents are driving up I-30 headed this way from Texas! I don't know if you can tell, but I adore my parents--yes, we've had our squabbles in the past(still do) but I wouldn't trade them for any other parents in the whole world. My daddy worked/works so hard to provide for his family--even now he works as a full-time firefighter and owns a boot repair shop to help us all pay for and pay off college. I know he misses having lots of time off but my dad has never shied away from work. I admire him so much for all that he's done for us and although he doesn't say much, I know he loves us more than anything.

My Momma--she is my other best friend. There is no one in this world quite like her. She is funny, warm, loving, super creative. She's incredible. Growing up a lot of kids do stupid things and swear they will never tell their momma. I can't tell you how many times I said the same thing but you know what, I always told her. You just can't lie to that face--it's too sweet and kind. Don't let it fool you though--she is a tough Momma too. She didn't let us get away with anything and everything. My mom always got compliments about how well-behaved we were. She taught us how to act like a lady in public and let loose at home! I know I can always turn to her whenever I'm in trouble and I am so blessed that God put her and my dad into my life!

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