Friday, October 10, 2014

Taking Stock: 10/10/14

Now that we've more or less established ourselves in our new home of Waco, TX, I thought it was about time to Take Stock again.

Making : Picture frames to decorate our bedroom and the hubs is going to make my dream table this weekend (See it here)
Cooking : Tonight we will be dining on this lovely dish--Pesto Chicken!!!!
Drinking : Water. From the Bubba Jug. 
Reading : Insurgent and Blood of Olympus--I'm a sucker for YA books
Wanting : To figure out my calling; I don't know quite where I belong in the working world and I'm losing heart...
Looking: At the pile of packages in our mail room that need to be sorted soon
Playing: Solitaire like nobodies business. I've become suddenly and overwhelmingly addicted....I even play it with real cards!
Wasting: Talent. I know I'm meant for so much more I just need to focus and let God lead me.
Sewing: Belt loops back onto my husband's jeans...he wears those pants out!
Wishing: I could go back to the last two weekends my whole family spent together at the Zoo and State Fair--we haven't had outings like that basically since we all left for college/marriage/etc and it was kind like being a kid again. I cherished it.
Enjoying: The sound of birds singing in the courtyard outside of my office
Waiting: For 1pm so I can get off of work and go home! Happy Friday!
Liking: My new favorite snack: Plain greek yogurt, a little honey, and mix in some sunflower kernels. Healthy and delicious!
Wondering: If husband made it to work ok....we are having some car issues that need to be addressed.
Loving: My husband--I don't know what it is, but lately I can't get enough of him! I always love him, but I go through these random periods of time where I simply adore him and everything he does.
Hoping: That we can start a family soon. My best friend is pregnant with her first child and we always wanted to have kids together so I'm hoping we sort our lives out and be blessed with little ones too.
Marveling: At the peace God can bring if you let Him. It's a daily power struggle for me and I'm having to learn how to let go.
Needing: More encouragement. My heart and mind are a little bit lost at the moment and I could use a few good pep talks.
Smelling: The quietness of the Lobby where my desk is located. You know how people have distinctive smells? Well, it's just me today and although I love my perfume, it smells a little lonely in here....
Wearing: My Baylor t-shirt for Spirit Day. At my old office we never got to wear jeans, here it's every Friday! Huzzah!!!
Following: New people on Instagram. I haven't had mine for very long so it's fun to find new people. You can find me at thesetwohearts411  :)
Noticing: My silly handwriting on the announcement board...I swear I write like a 7th grader...
Knowing: "Is half the battle!" Sometimes not knowing feels so much better...
Thinking: About all of the life decisions I need to make. You're mid-twenties are so full of possibility and I just hope I open the right doors.
Feeling: Anxious about our future; student loans are really weighing heavy on me right now. 
Bookmarking: All of these...
Opening: The new books that the hubs surprised me with last night!
Giggling: This. Just this whole thing. Watch it. 

I am one blessed girl. :)

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