Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

Well, we made it. The Whirlwind Wedding Weekend is over.

It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen--gorgeous floral arrangements, rustic signs, tree bark, candles, pearls, lanterns, the whole rustically elegant shebang.

Leading up to the wedding? Not so gorgeous.

My poor sweet husband and I have a joke that we've spent more hours together in the car than we have actually spent together anywhere else--between his folks living in PA, mine living in TX, and us in TN I'm pretty sure it's true. Well, we spent Christmas with my family this year and we headed back home on January 2nd. The wedding was January 17th meaning we had to turn around two weeks later and drive all the way back to TX plus 3 extra hours to get to Houston. If you know anything about the Houston area, then you know the traffic is horrible. Our hotel was 5 minutes down the road from the ceremony site but it took us almost 30 on the access road just to get to the rehearsal!

Which brings me to something else. I felt like such a dufus because I was the only girl there not dressed up in a cute party dress. No one told us the rehearsal was going to be fancy so we assumed it would be casual like our rehearsal was. Nope. Thankfully Joshua was wearing a nice button shirt and jeans like the other guys, but I was a sore thumb who had to stand in for another bridesmaid and will forever be in her parents photos as the girl who didn't dress up.

I hope this doesn't sound tacky, but we ate dinner in a mansion. An actual mansion. I have never known anyone blessed enough to own a house quite like this one--growing up, we could only stare into the windows from our car as we drove by wondering what sort of people lived there. The rehearsal dinner was held at the bride's childhood home and it was spectacular. Her family doesn't live there anymore, but the family who does has impeccable taste and we felt like we eating in a palace. There were fancy dinner settings, candles, a personal chef to make us omelettes, and the grandest stair case I've ever seen. I told Joshua all weekend that I felt like we were playing out a wedding weekend from a movie!

Wedding day was pretty lonely for me since the hubs was off with the wedding party getting photographed and fancied up. I put on my big girl pants and braved the traffic to get myself a Chick-Fil-A Chicken biscuit and take myself to the mall to pass the time. I made it back to the hotel in time to drop my entire microwaved lunch all over the floor and then I laid in bed eating butterfingers and watching youtube videos until it was time to get ready to go.

After watching 20 hair videos, I still had no clue what I wanted myself to look like and settled on curled and pinned back. No biggie. I walked out the door at 5:30 for a 7:00 pm start time hoping I'd given myself enough time for traffic. Walked out without the gift, had to drive back through the parking lot, wrap it and throw it in the bag and then went on my way. As luck would have it, there was an accident on 45 and all the lanes were completely closed. Sadly, I didn't even need the highway, just the access road.

Guess who sat on the access road for AN HOUR AND A HALF? Yes, that would be me. Over achiever, always early, must have a plan me sitting in traffic crying, ruining my make-up, and cursing the steering-wheel. I tried to call Joshua about 20 times as the wedding time got closer and closer praying that he would answer before they went out so that someone would know where I was. Naturally, he didn't answer because he was busy ushering the guests who were able to make it on time. I prayed and prayed over and over that God would just get me to the ceremony and after an hour and a half of waiting and letting people in, I finally made it to a light. Once I got there, I hauled a** flew down the road and whipped in right at 7:00 pm.

I promptly called Joshua who met me in the parking lot and I proceeded to cry.

Lucky for me, Meemaw was stuck in traffic as well and we all know you cannot start a wedding without Meemaw. The ceremony didn't start until about 7:45 and it was wonderful. I honestly can't remember too much of it because I was too busy tearing up and trying to save my makeup. Except for the time delay and having to abbreviate the reception, everything about this wedding was exceptional. When they post the photos, I will have to share a couple of photos of Joshua cutting the rug because he busted out all kinds of moves I'v never seen before! We had a great time and I am so thankful that the couple found each other and they are so in love with each other and God.

Congratulations Kris and Lauryn!!!

Photo compliments of Guy Lewis

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