Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Little Less Grown-Up

Well, I'm feeling a bit more wise lately.

Our poor little Buick Regal down about two weeks ago and we are still waiting to hear from the mechanic. In the meantime, my sweet little sister has let us tote her around in her car. She's never once complained and it's a trait that I highly covet in her. I just hope and pray that we can find a suitable and affordable car soon because I fear the old girl's on her last leg.

No one ever said growing up would be easy; my parents certainly never led me to believe that would be the case--they worked very hard for everything and somehow I never noticed the "bad stuff." Now that I'm an adult, married, and living far from my parents I  have different perspective. There are some days that it just feels like it is pouring down heartache from the hills--so many burdens creep up and I keep them on my back like a worn-out winter coat. My worry weighs heavy on me lately and there are times when I just wish to wake up in my old room; I'd throw open the windows, turn up my stereo, and lay on bed reading or drawing for a couple hours before sitting down to a meal made by my sweet Momma.

I didn't appreciate those days enough when I was younger. I didn't realize all of the effort my parents put in to give us a comfortable life. Right now, in the spring of our marriage, I feel as though those comforts are unattainable--just out of reach and if I wish too hard for them I will knock them right off the edge of the shelf.

Though we're older, we are still very young and I know there is always a reason for the troubles we bear. I have a steady job, I know how to cook a nice dinner, and we'll come through this one knowing how to buy a car on our own. It may hurt to go through the fire, but it will eventually fade out and leave us with tougher skin for the next one....

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