Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Days Without Caving = Zero

Story of my life on Pinterest today:

I have to admit though, I never really liked this photo for inspiration. The word "skinny" just gives me the creeps. Personally, I would prefer it to say "Nothing tastes as good as FIT feels." At 5'9", I'm a fairly tall girl and my bones just aren't meant to be super thin. I've made my peace with that and it's cool: I don't need to be a model to feel beautiful.

However, hubs and I keep making promises over and over that we are going to get in better shape and that's where this photo really comes in. Oh but you just don't understand. Joshua and I LOVE to eat. If eating were a hobby, we would do it all. the. time. Most of our travels center around whatever cool restaurants we can find in an area. This need for sustenance has sadly caused me to gain quite a few pounds since we got married and now that I'm starting to see my old chubby self again I need to make a serious change. At one time we were so desperate to get healthier that we made up our own points system--you earned points for healthy stuff and lost points for unhealthy. That lasted all about a month before we got tired of it. We're currently attempting a more Paleo approach to eating, but have yet to go a single day without eating something we're not supposed to. Our newest contraption for accountability is a sign that Joshua made that says: "Days Without Caving" with two little hooks for numbers. The idea is that each day we go without screwing up we can change the number. If make it a whole month of days without caving we get to reward ourselves with a treat--yes, I know rewarding with food is terrible, but come on--BACON.

We currently stand at "Zero" but the sign hasn't officially been up on the wall until this past Sunday. We're both enablers so this should be totally fun....BACON!

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