Thursday, February 13, 2014

On Buying Cars

Welp. We did it. We bought a "new" car! I've been stressing out about this since our car went back to the shop for the third time. The hubs talked to the mechanic and he's still not 100% sure what's wrong--he took it to another place with a fancier computer and they have an idea but the part he needs is really hard to find because our car is almost 20 years old!

After looking at a couple of dealerships, finding two cars we liked only to have them sold out from under us, we finally found a great little car. It's just what we were looking for: it's in the 2000's(my first one, yay!), had fairly low miles for it's age, roomy in the backseat and the trunk, and there's a CD player!!! It cost a little more than we were hoping for, but it will be paid off in a year--hopefully less since we're going to buckle down on our budget for awhile. I'm really pleased with it and I think it's a good find for the very first time we've ever bought a car(I was lucky enough to have my first two given to me).

It's pretty nice inside already but this weekend we'll give it a little extra TLC so it will feel more like ours and smell more like us instead of weird new car smell. I'll just stick my new candle warmer in there(under supervision of course) and it'll be smelling like vanilla sugary goodness in no time!

Seeing that much money leave our possession at one time was really scary for us, but I know this is only preparing us for the other big stuff ahead. One of these days we'll have a baby and then we'll buy a house and those don't come cheap! We know better now what questions to ask, what fees to look for when financing, and not to believe everything you hear--it could be too good to be true!

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