Monday, February 3, 2014

Lectureship...or How I Lose My Husband for a Week

It's here again. The 78th Annual FHU Bible Lectureship. You know what that means don't you? Lots of cute little old ladies and gentlemen puttering through our building telling me how everything used to look. Also, it means bad weather. Without fail, every year it is either super cold, raining, or there is a freak snow storm. Do we ever cancel? No Way--we'd rather risk it rather than disappoint. Finally, it means that I basically lose Joshua for a week. Since they've "graciously" given sound duties to the theatre department(which is weird) the hubs has to coordinate all of the microphones, power points, and student workers for each event. There are a lot of events each day, so if none of the student workers can take the shift it's left up to him. He dreads this week like no other and I always hate it for him. He tries so very hard to please everyone but sometimes outdated equipment and over booked time schedules get in the way. If anyone actually comes across this blog and has a minute, please say a quick prayer that this whole week will turn out great and that any hiccups will be easily managed!

*P.S.--Only 6 more sleeps til my birthday!!!

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